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Project possibility - The Big Idea

In 2016 we will celebrate 24 years of helping thousands of deaf children to hear, listen and speak. For Hear and Say to continue to grow over the next 20+ years - to be there for all the children and families who need us now and in the future - we needed to think BIG.

Fortunately thinking big is what we do best! Making the impossible possible is part of our mandate.


Our vision in 2013 was to build a world standard centre in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove for paediatric hearing loss. A special place for deaf children and their families designed in collaboration with the Queensland Government, corporate partners and philanthropic groups, Hear and Say families and staff, and the wider community.  Above all a place that would provide a sound future for Queensland's deaf children.


We worked hard to raise the the $11M required to start building our new home. In February 2014 we started construction on our new centre and after a 45 week construction period we opened the doors to our new centre in January 2015.


Click here for how to find Brisbane Centre.


However our work is not completed. We still require your support in order we can continue to ensure our children and families receive the best outcome for their future. Find out more about our work in opening worlds for children impacted by hearing loss here